È anima femminile. È donna, è mamma, è figlia. È amica.

È l’emozione di vivere ogni angolo della propria personalità, affermandola con orgoglio in tutti i ruoli indossati in una vita. O in una sola giornata.

Eleganza, glamour, femminilità essenziale. Ma anche libertà di prendere la vita a piene mani. Nessun compromesso.

Perché il tempo è più prezioso se c’è animo femminile.

E il cuore di una donna non è rosso. È color corallo.

Shoes Made in Italy

A contemporary story with a long history

Pas de Rouge Made in Italy

Each Pas De Rouge creation is a gift coming from a long tradition of venetian maestros.

Every day, as they get to the Maison’s laboratories, artisans can breath a history rife with elegance, the main inspiration of Riviera del Brenta since the times of princesses and Dogi .

We are in the heart of Veneto region, where century-olds style highest standards have characterised architecture, painting, sculpture, but sartorial and manufacturing arts as well.

Venetian rulers set the standard with their absolute refinement and class, showing a flawless behaviour during public events.

However, ease was key when it came to their exclusively elegant footwear. No compromise was allowed, as no obstacle should come between them and their pursuit of majesty.

This means only a handful of selected shoes, handcrafted in the best artisanal studios in Venice, could meet their standard for excellence.

Only a few maestros could, at the hand of the day, untie their apron and go home with a smile on their face knowing they had dressed the feet of Dogi and Princesses.

Pas de Rouge made in Italy
Pas de Rouge Made in Italy

Such a natural pursuit of perfection has been the driving force behind the peaks in talent and craftsmanship the laboratories of Riviera del Brenta have reached. Tradition set a standard of elegance yet to be approached nowadays, as new technologies have followed one another in a quintessentially Italian history of passion.

This is the reason why every morning artisans at Pas De Rouge tie their aprons with artists’ hands, getting ready to create fine pieces of footwear in one of the historical shoe factories of Riviera del Brenta.

Gritti shoe factory is one of the most highly valued and recognised in the area, now serving as a reference for shoemaking for the most exclusive brands in the world – especially Italian and French brands.

Gritti has succeeded in distilling venetian artisanal quality and shoemaking tradition in a brand with a hint of Made in Paris glamour. A one-of-a-kind choice for both the making and the style. As unique as every woman is.

The times of Princesses and Dogi are gone. But contemporary women still want their style to tell something about them. Elegance is still a necessity.

The thousand minutes passing in a single day carry a complex baggage of experiences and moments of joy that deserve to be lived at the fullest. No compromises! Because a woman is a Woman when she can entirely express herself, day and night.

And when this happens, at the end of the day our artisan untie their aprons and put it back with a smile.

The Gritti footwear factory

The Gritti Footwear factory is established in 1984 in Fossò, near Venice, as an evolution of the Zampieri family’s men’s footwear company. Even if the initial intention may have been to create a new company destined to support and extend the production of men’s footwear, instead, in a shot time, Gritti makes a new decision. It decides to enter the market with its own brand, offering range of women’s footwear inspired by the men’s tradition. Casual pumps and moccasins are produced using the sup-lasting method (the Italian “Lavorazione a sacchetto”).

The definition Comfortable Soul is perfect for Pas de Rouge because in each pair, the tradition of shoe manufacturing, as well as the experience and high level of craftsmanship used combined with raw materials that have been carefully studied to guarantee lightweight shoes offering a perfect fit.

The slip-lasting production process gives excellent results, based on a combination of modernity and tradition, in which technique and experience merge to create a product that charms the foot.

Pas de Rouge Made in Italy
“Pas de Rouge footwear is by no means an industrial product: all our shoes are made with the highest standards of fine craftsmanship.” Mauro Zampieri
Pas de Rouge Made in Italy

Being able to wear stunning shoes that are not a source of discomfort all day long is probably one of the most common wishes of all women everywhere. If they only knew that, for more than 10 years, Pas de Rouge has been hard at work studying all the technical details needed to make this wish come true!

Light components and a unique slip-lasting production method, not to mention the company’s tireless research are only a few of the secrets behind the recipe for success embodied by the most lightweight footwear on the market.

The mission of Pas de Rouge pursues the same value that underpins its commitment to its consumers: recognizing and benefiting from the importance of a short production chain. This is why Pas de Rouge relies on a network of suppliers who are internationally renowned for their expertise, yet provide zero mileage products, so making the most of the skills of the local craftsmen which have earned the Brenta Riviera District its excellent reputation worldwide.